Ombre Brow Tattooing

Ombre tattoo brows are created using an improved tattoo method, with a machine, to achieve a soft powdery finish within a crisp design. The solidity of the pigment implanted starts subtle and light at the beginning of the brow and gradually will increase in depth towards the tail of the brow. The Powder brow look which is created tends to last longer and is overall better for the integrity of the skin. Eyebrow tattooing is suited for individuals of all skin types & brow types including those with little to no brow hairs, naturally thick brows and those who prefer a more defined brow shape etc.

Cosmetic eyebrow tattoo is a semi-permanent procedure. Whilst you will not be able to wash your ombre tattoo off at the end of the night, your body is able to naturally metabolise the pigment at a slow pace. Everyone metabolises at different rates therefore the time it takes to break down the pigment varies, however, there will always be traces of the pigment present unless professionally removed.

The colour of the pigment used in each brow tattooing treatment is personally matched to suit each client's skin tone. Factors that contribute to the colour-matching process include the colour of your hair and eyes, as well as the different undertones of your skin. Once the pigment is selected, the shape is measured and drawn onto the skin with an eyebrow pencil, which allows for any tweaks to be made before starting the treatment. The tattoo is then deposited between your existing brow hairs following the drawn-on shape agreed on in the consultation. Resulting in the enhanced appearance of your natural brows, transformed into flawless powder brows.

A follow-up appointment will be required at the commencement of 6-8 weeks to touch up on the colour, shape and any other changes necessary. 

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