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Volume Lashes

Volume lashes are a super fine, lightweight lash formed into a fan ranging from 2D to 8D. Creating the perfect set for each individual client. Clients are able to choose from a natural, or a glam volume set depending on their desired look. Volume lashes are flexable and comfortable to wear, Which makes volume eyelashes our most requested style of lashes. 

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Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid lashes are a mixture of classic and volume lashes giving the ultimate wispy look. These are the perfect set for someone who enjoys the best of both worlds. Like our volume lashes, Hybrid can be tailored to be more natural or give more intensity. If you are unsure if you want volume or classic this is the set for you!

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Classic Lashes

Classic lashes were the first style of lash extensions developed. They are designed to lengthen your natural lashes creating a gorgeous enhanced everyday, mascara look. We apply 1 lash to 1 natural lash, so NO more mascara is needed!

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Mega Volume Lashes
Mega Volume lashes are 7-15 ultra-fine lash extensions applied to your natural lash. This creates the most voluminous look which will appear denser and darker. Mega volume are light weight and fluffy so you can look fabulous without it weighing down your eyes. 

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