Are you currently on any medication? Some medications may affect your healing and colour outcome, Including medications for HRT, depression, diabetic and immune diseases.

Please tick any of the following that may apply to you.


I am over 18 years of age.
I understand that this treatment is for cosmetic purposes only; No guarantee has been made to me regarding the results as I understand that every skin responds differently.
I am responsible for the at home care, using only the aftercare product my tattooist has suggested to me; If not I may have risk of infection or fading of pigments if not carried out fully.

I consent to before and after photographs of this procedure at the tattooist's discretion.
I understand that I cannot donate blood within 6 months from today.
I consent to the use of topical anaesthetics containing lidocaine and epinephrine.
I am aware that I may require a follow up visit in 1-2 months time to achieve the final result, including adjustments.
I am aware that latex gloves may be used and consent to use.
I have been given an aftercare sheet via email and have read it.

I am satisfied with the results obtained from this procedure.
I have been informed that colour may vary as the skin heals.
I have been given aftercare instructions.